capcom_arcade_cabinet_header Xbox 360

Capcom Arcade Cabinet this week

Today Capcom Arcade Cabinet will be getting three new Capcom classics, 1985 Pack 1 featuring Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Gun Smoke and Section Z which are available on North American (5th March) and European PlayStation Store(6th March) and Worldwide Xbox Live Arcade Market Place for 9.99 USD which means 37 AED.

Plus, This week onward PlayStation Network users can individually purchase Avengers and 1943: Battle of Midway for 3.99 USD (15 AED) which were not available back then.

About 1985 Pack 1

Ghosts ‘n Goblins

Role Playing as Sir Arthur, a Valiant Knight Fighting monsters in order to free the princess from Demon king.

Gun Smoke

Bounty hunter Billy Bob travels the Old west in order to bring justice the most ruthless criminals in the overhead shooter, Sounds Fun eh.

Section Z

Being Astronaut, Players are placed in outer-space fighting aliens through his way to alien empire called “Balangool”

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