LastofUsDLC_17200_screen DLC

First Last of Us DLC coming out on October 15

The first downloadable content for The Last of Us has been revealed.


The Abandoned Territories Map Pack will arrive on October 15, featuring four multiplayer maps, Naughty Dog announced today. These are Suburbs, Bus Depot, Hometown, and Bookstore.

The content is included with the Rs 1250 Last of Us season pass, though a non-bundled price was not announced.

Naughty Dog also provided an update on the developer’s first-ever story-focused single-player DLC, also part of the game’s season pass. The studio said it has just finished a “long casting process” for a new character, and a performance capture shoot will begin next week.

The untitled Last of Us single-player DLC is currently planned for release in December 2013 or January 2014, Naughty Dog said. No additional details were provided.

The third piece of DLC included with the Last of Us season pass will be multiplayer-focused and is due to launch in the first half of 2014, Naughty Dog said. More information about this content will be shared later.

Bonus items were also added to the game’s season pass today in the form of over 60 different head items for multiplayer characters. These range from a Nightmare Mask to a Pigskin Hat, Naughty Dog said.

The head items for The Last of Us will be free for those who have purchased a season pass, but will also be available a la carte, though specific pricing information was not announced.

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