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GT Academy 2015

GT Academy a competition created by Nissan and Playstation just completed its seventh season globally (second in India) and we had the pleasure of covering at chennai. It unites the worlds of virtual and real-life racing to make the dreams of aspiring race drivers a reality.


The competition finds the best Gran Turismo players from across the participating by testings their racing skills in ‘time-trail’ qualification process that will be conducted through a series of live events. To most people in India the simulator looks like a regular video-game and the people that know its true value know what an opportunity this is. Basically the simulator creates a realistic driving experience and it had all the necessary equipment except a seat-belt because the it doesn’t move. This competition makes even a normal person look into the mirror and say “I am the next Alonso”. The only requirement for the competition is a valid drivers licence. The winners compete in a national finals where you switch to the actual Nissan cars. The grant prize is an opportunity to race at the GT Academy Asia Competition hosted at Silverstone ‘Race Camp’. So the next time you see this line don’t forget to participate #RacingDriverWanted.