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New Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 update released

In a bid to increase general game stability and clear up various bugs, DICE has released a new Battlefield 4 update for the Xbox 360 version of the military shooter.


Notably, you will not be automatically prompted to download the update. Instead, you’ll need to manually download the “multiplayer update 3” from the Xbox Live marketplace.

The update also clears out the “one-hit kill” bug where damage from a single bullet sometimes was applied multiple times, dealing one-hit kills where they didn’t belong. DICE already addressed this issue on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

DICE also today began rolling out a new Battlefield 4 server version for all platforms. This will unlock the M1911 3X pistol scope for all players, which was previously only available to developers. It also promises a fix for battlepack boost time not being used when playing as Commander, as well as a fix for rank getting capped to 100 when playing as tablet Commander.

Check out the full December 5 Xbox 360 patch notes for a full run-down of tweaks to the game. “Rest assured that we are already working on more improvements to the game,” DICE said. “Stay tuned to the Battlefield 4 Control Room for the latest.”

Dec. 5 X360 Game Update Notes:

-Reduced the risk of a crash when transitioning from one multiplayer round to another
-Fixed a crash that could occur when creating decals (bullet hit effects, etc.)
-Fixed a crash that could occur when leaving vehicles
-Fixed a crash that could occur when moving outside of the intended play area
-Fixed a crash that could occur when firing the MBT and IFV gunner incendiary weapon
-Fixed a crash that could occur when opening the Options menu
-Fixed a problem with weapon accessories using up too much memory, which in turn could lead to crashing