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New PS4 And PS Vita Bundle

Sony has not ruled out the possibility of a PlayStation 4 + PlayStation Vita bundle. Speaking with Polygon, PlayStation head of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida said, “Never say never.”


“In the past, we did something like Bravia TV and PS3 bundle, so that’s even bigger. So never say never,” Yoshida said. “We are super excited about how people are using it.”

Earlier this month, Amazon France posted a product page for an unannounced PS4 + PS Vita bundle called the “Ultimate Player Edition.” This product page remains live on the site. In February, PlayStation hardware marketing executive John Koller told GameSpot that the company had “no firm plans” to offer a PS4/PS Vita bundle, though he admitted that “it’s an interesting proposition.”

The PS4 currently sells for $399, while the PS Vita is available for $199. The two devices are closely tied together, thanks to Remote Play functionality, which allows PS4 titles to play on PS Vita.