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The Tesla K80 offers twice the power of its K40 predecessor

Nvidia has unveiled its latest graphics offering in the form of the Tesla K80 dual-GPU. The new card, which is designed for professional applications, doubles the performance of its K40 predecessor, and packs some impressive specs including a full 24 GB graphics memory.

Key features of the Tesla K80 dual-GPU accelerator include:

  • Two GPUs per board – Doubles throughput of applications designed to take advantage of multiple GPUs.
  • 24GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory – 12GB of memory per GPU, 2x more memory than Tesla K40 GPU, allows users to process 2x larger datasets.
  • 480GB/s memory bandwidth – Increased data throughput allows data scientists to crunch though petabytes of information in half the time compared to the Tesla K10 accelerator. Optimized for energy exploration, video and image processing, and data analytics applications.
  • 4,992 CUDA® parallel processing cores – Accelerates applications by up to 10x compared to using a CPU alone.
  • Dynamic NVIDIA GPU Boost Technology – Dynamically scales GPU clocks based on the characteristics of individual applications for maximum performance.
  • Dynamic Parallelism – Enables GPU threads to dynamically spawn new threads, enabling users to quickly and easily crunch through adaptive and dynamic data structures.

Nvidia doesn’t publish pricing information for its professional grade graphics accelerators, but given that its significantly less powerful predecessor launched for well over US$5,000, we’d expect the K80 to carry a pretty hefty price tag.