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PlayStation Now will offer Netflix-like subscription options

In addition to allowing you to rent titles on an individual basis, Sony will offer subscription packages for PlayStation Now, which the company compared to those offered by streaming giant Netflix today as part of a new PlayStation Access video posted on YouTube.


Sony has not yet discussed pricing details for PlayStation Now, but it’s likely the streaming service will come at an extra fee on top of what you already pay for PlayStation Plus. Netflix packages currently start at $8/month.

The $8/month Netflix package allows users to stream video content to two screens at once. Paying $12/month lets you stream to four screens simultaneously. Sony has not yet said if you’ll be able to stream PlayStation Now games to multiple screens at the same time.

Also in the PlayStation Access video, Sony said streamed PlayStation Now games will be “fully featured.” This means you’ll be able to save your game, earn trophies, and play online multiplayer in the same way that you would through the disc-based version.

PlayStation Now launches this month through a beta, while a public rollout is slated for this summer in the United States. Availability details for other regions, like the United Kingdom, will come later, Sony said today.

You’ll need a 5Mbps Internet connection for a “good experience” with PlayStation Now.

Sony officially announced its cloud-powered streaming service PlayStation Now earlier this week at CES 2014. At launch, it will allow users to stream PlayStation games to their PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, while support for PlayStation Vita, 2014 model Bravia TVs, and iOS and Android devices will come later. The tech is built upon Gaikai, which Sony paid $380 million to acquire in 2012.