Trials Frontier | PvP mode

Are you a biker!


How have your pocket sized adventures in Trials Frontier been? Conquered the lands?


Well, better buckle up, because competition is about to get tight with the new PvP mode!

Trials Frontier™, the free-to-play mobile title from RedLynx Studio, will allow bikers to directly compete against each other in a brand new PvP mode. The mysterious Zudina appears in town from her underground bunker. It’s from there that she organizes bikers to compete in showdowns over month long seasons to reach the highest rank. They will face-off on three tracks in all-or-nothing matches that don’t permit restarts. At the end of each match, bikers are given prizes including PvP Chips that can be traded in at the Chip Store to unlock unique tracks, exclusive outfits and other special items.

Only the best drivers will have a shot of making an appearance on the Legends Leaderboard, so get your bike in gear and get ready for a showdown.

Download the game:

– From the App Store:
– From Google Play:

EMBARGO is set to Thursday the 11th of December at 9pm Abu Dhabi Time.