microsoft-illumiroom-cropped-proto-custom_28 (1) Xbox 360

Video | Microsoft Presents “The IllumiRoom”

At CES 2013, a presentation of IllumiRoom, which will be integrated into the Xbox 720 was shown.

“Our vision for a fully developed IllumiRoom system includes an ultra-wide field of view device sitting on the user’s coffee table, projecting over a large area surrounding the television,” Microsoft Research said in a CHI 2013 document.

“The device would be connected wirelessly to a next generation gaming console as a secondary display. The ultra-wide field of view could be obtained with an ultra-short throw projector, or by coupling a standard projector with a spherical/parabolic mirror. The room geometry could be acquired with a depth sensor or a structured light scan.”

Check out this eye popping demonstration below. This would really suck for people with epilepsy. What do you think? Epic or Fail?

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