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Xbox One: Price Drop in India

Its just been two weeks after its launch in India, the Xbox One has got a price drop of Rs 4,000.

This brings the price of the standalone console – with FIFA 15 – down from Rs 39,990 to Rs 35,990, while the Kinect bundle – with FIFA 15 and Dance Central: Spotlight – is down from Rs 45,990 to Rs 41,990.

While Microsoft hasn’t formally announced a price reduction, the Xbox One is sold exclusively at, so any price drop there is pretty much a nation-wide price drop.

Amazon has held several preorder and launch-day promotions for the Xbox One, but they have all been in the form of value-additions or freebies. This is the first time there has been a price reduction.

That said, the listing on Amazon suggests that this is a festive offer for a limited period, even if it doesn’t specify how long it will last. However, it is strange for a console to get discounted so soon after launch.

The new price now makes the Xbox One cheaper than the PS4, which still retails at Rs 39,990 with no free games.


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