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Xbox One Wireless Controller, Play and Charge Kit and Chat Headset available for pre-order



Already locked down your Xbox One Day One Edition order? Now’s your chance to also reserve its initial batch of accessories (including that mono Chat Headset, which isn’t included with the console). The Wireless Controller ($60), Play and Charge Kit ($25) and Chat Headset ($25) for the Xbox One have all popped up for pre-order at the Microsoft Store. The One’s game-pad rings up at five bones more than the 360 variant, but it’s also available as a $75 bundle with the Play and Charge Kit (roughly 10 dollars in savings). Joystick notes that Gamestop and Amazon are also options, albeit only for the controller itself. If you plan to reserve any of the accessories, we’d suggest taking Microsoft’s Dec 31st arrival date as a loose estimate — the One releases in November and Amazon is pegging the controller for November 27th.


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