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GTA 5 Gameplay Details?

A bit of GTA 5 news here on the gameplay details and info on the soundtrack of the game.


First lets tell you about the game’s soundtrack, many a times we have just lost hours just cruising around the city in the car that you just stole, enjoying the music playing in the radio of GTA. Wavves, an American surf rock band based in San Diego, will be bringing their talents to the streets of Los Santos later this year. At least, if you believe his obvious Tweet.


Secondly we move on to some gameplay details that have been discovered. The Xbox World forums have produced the following bits of information concerning GTA 5:

· You no longer gather ammo just by passing over it. Now you have to press a button.

· KWKR is the first confirmed radio.

· A HEALTH remix of a The xx song was played in said station.

· Crews can schedule their missions though Rockstar Social Club.

· Week days return and will affect gameplay.

· Each radio will comment on the aftermath of the missions, like SA and VCS.

· You can place a bike in the Bobcat.

· It’s impossible to shoot friends.

· Line of sight system works as perfectly as a stealth game.

With E3 just couple of days away, don’t expect any GTA 5 news as Rockstar Games won’t be attending.

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