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StreetPass by proxy: Nintendo Zone locations to act as 3DS data relays

Own a Nintendo 3DS? You’re probably all too familiar with the frustrations of the device’s StreetPass feature — in the United States, crossing paths with another 3DS in the wild just isn’t all that likely.


It’s one of the disadvantages of living in a less densly populated country, but Nintendo is delivering a hotfix: sometime in the next few weeks Nintendo Zone locations at Best Buy, Starbucks, various AT&T hotspots, malls and other locations will begin saving and relaying 3DS StreetPass data, allowing gamers to interact by proxy. Once a system nabs one of these timeshifted StreetPasses, its own data will be uploaded to the Nintendo Zone hotspot to be shared with the next user, creating a chain of delayed passive interaction. Convoluted? A little, but how else are you going to complete your Puzzle Swap collection?

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